What is your holiday goal?

 What is your holiday goal?
You are off the treadmill for a moment, you can take slower mornings and deeper breaths, and we invite you to do exactly that. We invite you to also consider using the less stressful 5-6 weeks ahead of you to choose a goal for the family for the holidays. There is time to rise above the homework-and-normal-responsibilities and consider using this space to grow our children more holistically.  

Goal Consideration
They may be overall goals for the family of;

  • greater connection,
  • consciously slowing down or
  • not running from one activity to the next,
  • de-teching for hours every day or days every week or
  • instituting specific special time alone with each child each day.

They may also be goals of skill and good habit such as;

  • chewing food more carefully and thoroughly and
  • brushing teeth for longer, or
  • making beds or
  • learning a new household activity like gardening or cooking. 

They may be goals of character like

  • instilling consideration and kindness, or
  • a daily practice of gratitude or
  • learning to speak in the “I” or
  • taking responsibility for our own actions.  

Kindness at home first
Last year I (Colleen) chose to install 24 days of random acts of kindness using this advent calendar.  It was awesome. This year I am choosing “Kindness at home first”. The idea being that before we go out into the world to enjoy our holiday each day, kindness needs expression at home.  If it is lacking, our day goes on pause until we are able to bring it back. Unkindness at home can often be a lack of awareness, laziness, an emotional vomit as there is too much negative emotion inside or just a poor habit.  

I plan to shift all that by bringing attention to it when it is absent, and modelling and celebrating it when I see it.

I would also like my older child to cook for the family once or twice a week at least and for my younger to learn to join us at the table once a day. 

These are personal to our home for our needs and re-creation of habits I note as valuable - what are yours going to be?  The fewer you choose the more likely you will be to actually follow through with them.

Pick one and have fun engaging with your family and it's implementation. 

Up-coming in 2017 
We are also excited to be planning our first public Contemporary Educator workshop and will release details as soon as the dates are confirmed.  We are in the process of editing our first on-line content which will also become available in 2017.  We can't wait to be able to offer our material to parents all over the country and even the world. Please click here if you would like to be first to know when the online content is available.  

We have released the first course date for Durban 2017, which begins in February in Durban North.  If you book and pay your deposit before the end of the year you can save 10%.  This is a gift you can give your family that will keep on giving.  

Thank You
Finally, it's been a big year for Contemporary Parenting. Besides Candice's wedding which is happening in eight days :), we've had a bumper year running our Contemporary Educator course with every staff member at Berea Primary; We ran our first Contemporary Leader with Grade 6's at Westville Senior Primary, Ashton Internation College hosted us in Ballito and we participated in Grace Riverside's Grow Night with over forty-five parents.  In many ways that is thanks to you our very special community for talking to others about your experiences.  

To all of you who've taken part in our courses thank you for trusting us, for investing the time and energy to apply what we share. It is the changes you make in yourselves and your homes and by sharing it with others that helps us continue to grow and serve adults at home and at schools.  We feel so humbled that we get to reach so many little hearts and minds through you, willing parents and educators.   

Wishing you all a safe, connecting and peaceful festive season

Candice and Colleen

Upcoming Signature Parenting Course

Term 1, Durban North
Venue: Ocean View Montessori, 32 Oxford Drive, Durban North
Dates: 9, 16 February, 2, 9 March 2017
Time: 6pm - 9pm
Book: Click here 

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