How do you raise an Emotionally Intelligent family?

Module 2 of the Contemporary Parenting Signature Course is an online workshop where you'll discover ideas & practical tools to make your home a calmer, more connected place.


Understand the
wisdom of emotions

Emotions fuel everything we do. Yet how much attention have you given to understanding your emotions or those of your child? 

Deepen your

Recognizing our emotions gives us greater awareness, insight and the power to choose to be the parents we want to be.

Choose empathy,
grow connection

Responding to our children with empathy builds trust, safety and connection. And connection is key to your child's development!

“This course will change your life. Change who you are. Change your relationships all for the better.”

- Faatima Campanini

Empowering parents

The Contemporary Parenting Signature Course is created to empower you, the parent. There is no need to feel lost in the parenting space. You will be empowered to lead and create the harmony and connection you seek in your family.

In Module 2, you'll gain:
  • An understanding of Emotional Intelligence and how to practice it
  • The wisdom within emotions 
  • Tools to develop your emotional awareness
  • Tools to cultivate Emotional Intelligence in your family
  • An understanding of secure attachment and how to create it with your child/children
  • Tools to practice empathy in challenging situations, to nurture connection with your child/children

Invest in your family

By buying Module 2 of the Contemporary Parenting Signature Course, you'll learn how Emotional Intelligence can help you be the best parent you can be, creating a home where connection thrives.

Join a growing movement of conscious parenting

“This concept could really change your life. This is exactly what you need for your family. A new way of thinking which will unlock all sorts of opportunities for you and your children.” - Robyn Pilkington

“Each parent should do this course to help raise a generation of emotionally intelligent people full of empathy – What a wonderful world that would be.” - Rachel Kinloch

“This works! I am the proof and so is the change in our family and home environment.” - Yael milligan


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