Is there another way to do the tweens and teen years?

So much is written and discussed about the overwhelming, confusing, daunting, frustrating and disempowering role of parenting tweens and teens.  
SO much reference is made to the trickiness of doing this in these current times.  
So much fear and anxiety pervades our bodies, minds, our newstreams, our Facebook walls and our table conversations.
We get this.  
We see it and experience it too.  

Yet we are deeply committed at Contemporary Parenting to explore another way.  A way in which we can bring up our tweens and teens with connection, love, joy and ease.  OK, perhaps less ease as lets face it, they are subject to changing architecture of their brains and their hormonal fluxes, yet we still believe there can be a high degree of ease.  

We’ve drilled down to our top 3 tips to achieve this.

  1. Realistic and developmentally appropriate expectations
  2. Cultivate healthy brains by creating an environment of safe connection
  3. Hold firm boundaries -...
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The Power of Small Moments

Life isn’t about a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade or our whole life – it is about the parts that make up the whole.

The small moments!

These small moments involve presence and awareness. Awareness of a small moment supports us in finding opportunity in uncomfortable moments and deeper joy in the connecting moments. The idea is that, ‘life is a journey not a destination’ – and never is this more true than in parenting. Our children are growing so fast. Two becomes six, six becomes seven, fourteen and then twenty-one! Lets learn together to steep ourselves in the moments.

So what does it look like?
Small moments are the moments that are literally passing us by all day.

  • From waking in the morning
  • to bedtime in the evening there are dozens of small moments that pass us by.
  • At breakfast, in the car,
  • in how we speak to each other,
  • how we carry out each activity,
  • getting dressed,
  • eating together and clearing away.

Together these small moments make up...

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Sliding towards the end of the Year – 8 tips to make it work

As December looms very close I find life seems like it's moving at double speed. It's busy! The irony is that today's newsletter is a little longer than our usual but packs a great deal of value and offers opportunity for breathing space and presence. It is the Daily News article Colleen wrote that was published on 27 October 2015. Take a read below.

Exciting news is we've also set the dates for 2016 for our work in Durban and Highway. So if you, or someone you know has been wanting to experience our Signature course book here. We have sold out our last two courses and expect to do the same here. Don't miss out on the opportunity to empower you and your family.

Sliding towards the end of the Year – 8 tips to make it work
The slide towards the end of the year can feel more like the kumakazi ride at the waterpark, short, fast and a little hair raising. As parents and kids face this final term that is well endowed with year end fundraisers, shows, displays, meetings, concerts and...

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Kids respond well when we get real.

4 minute read Aug 31, 2015

I was in a class with children around 10 years old. We were moving between activities (transitions often presenting challenges for children of all ages). I asked that we tidy things up and 3 of the children directly and defiantly refused to cooperate. I hadn’t experienced this with them before and I was surprised and a little shocked. I was racking my brain of how best to handle the situation. I recognized in that moment that I was not sure about what to do. As soon as I recognized this I shared it. ‘Right now I am feeling unsure what to do about this. What do think we should do?’

And that opened the door. "Let’s sit down and talk about what just happened." Recognizing where I was and then sharing this with these young people led us to sit down and have a very real, tough conversation. The sharing was likely the most valuable part of class. The children responded instantly to my ‘getting real’ with them. Getting to understand how they were...

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Who is qualified to help you with your parenting?

4 minute read Jul 31, 2015

We are continually blown away by the positive feedback from the parents who attend our courses. We also recognise that there are concerns, questions and judgements from people who have not experienced our work.

Who is qualified to help you with your parenting?

A message from Colleen:

It has been said by some that they would never do my parenting courses because of how my children have behaved. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that this is exactly why you should attend my courses. They have hurt and been hurt, lashed out, screamed, cried, raged, defied, cursed, struggled, been unkind and made poor choices before.
It has been said by some that they would never do my parenting courses because of how I have parented. I wouldn’t hesitate to suggest that this is exactly why you should attend my courses. I have hurt them and been hurt by them. I’ve lashed out, screamed, cried raged, cursed, struggled, been unkind and impatient and behaved generally poorly before.

Who would...

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