The art of good decisions in a world of excess choices

Do you know there is an art, or skill to making good decisions? 

In a world where the buffet of choices and opportunities is expanding exponentially, how well you make decisions dramatically influences your life.  If it is important for us, as adults, then it’s even more important for our children. Getting good at this is a core gift to pass on to our children.  Access to opportunities is a wonderful gift and brings with it certain costs that are powerful to be aware of. 

Everyone has 24 hours in a day

How you spend your day is up to your values, priorities and what feels important.  While in times gone by it may have been easy to choose between watching live sport, a movie, series or animal planet.  Now you have Netflix, Showmax, apple TV, DSTV etc….  

The reality of this is that in the past it was an easy choice between what you like and what you don’t.  Now it’s between what you like or value a lot, a little...

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