The Day My Parenting Changed Forever

I, Colleen, knew that how I was parenting wasn’t working well and that I wasn’t being the parent that made me feel good inside. I knew something was off. However I didn’t know what the alternatives where.

I started diving a little more deeply into this confounding and challenging world and I saw that there was another way. There were parent specialists out there - who knew?! I started learning different ideas and techniques.

However the parent I always had been kept showing up. I could now see another way yet I could not manage to be another way. More stress. More guilt. More confusion. Until one day I was listening to Dr Laura Markham (a wonderful parent coach and author) and she was talking about how parenting is a RELATIONSHIP.

Now this may seem obvious to you, but it wasn’t to me. Yes there was a relationship. There were shared genes, blood and love - of course there was relationship. This, though, was not what was meant.

It deeply struck me...

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