The Value of Patience

Reflecting on the year ahead. What is it we would most like our children to emerge with at the end of 2017?

There is an interview (which you can view here) going around on social media with Simon Sinek talking about the Millennial generation. If you haven’t seen it, it is worth a watch. The two key concepts he highlights to overcome their self-esteem trap are connection and patience.

The first of these - connection - is the spine of all our work. It’s the gateway to strong relationships and therefore fulfilment. If you want to know more about how to bring this into your life and home join us at our upcoming Signature parenting course (details here), follow us on Facebook here or read our previous blog post on The Power of Connected Relationships

Let us focus on the key skill of patience and how we can coach our children to strengthen their patience muscle.

Seeds and Switches
We live in a society where switches are the norm;

  • one click and we have a book to read
  • one...
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What is your holiday goal?

 What is your holiday goal?
You are off the treadmill for a moment, you can take slower mornings and deeper breaths, and we invite you to do exactly that. We invite you to also consider using the less stressful 5-6 weeks ahead of you to choose a goal for the family for the holidays. There is time to rise above the homework-and-normal-responsibilities and consider using this space to grow our children more holistically.  

Goal Consideration
They may be overall goals for the family of;

  • greater connection,
  • consciously slowing down or
  • not running from one activity to the next,
  • de-teching for hours every day or days every week or
  • instituting specific special time alone with each child each day.

They may also be goals of skill and good habit such as;

  • chewing food more carefully and thoroughly and
  • brushing teeth for longer, or
  • making beds or
  • learning a new household activity like gardening or cooking. 

They may be goals of character like

  • instilling...
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Relationships can makeĀ us happier andĀ healthier

  • Do you every wonder who you bring forward everyday, into the car, the kitchen, the classroom, the boardroom, the shops, the sports fields?
  • And why that particular 'you' showed up in that way in that situation?
  • Do you wonder the same of others?  
  • Do you ever consider the enormous impact our showing up has on each other?

Beyond just affecting each others moods, we affect each other's wellness, we affect each others development.

Let's say that again; we affect each other's wellness and development.

Never is this more real than in the adult-child relationship. 

A longitudinal study at Harvard on happiness tracked over 700 people and their over 2000 children for over 75 years, and still continues today.  They are interviewed, their families are studied, their brains are scanned and their blood is tested… and the unequivocal message is that


In parenting this is...

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The Power of Small Moments

Life isn’t about a day, a week, a month, a year, a decade or our whole life – it is about the parts that make up the whole.

The small moments!

These small moments involve presence and awareness. Awareness of a small moment supports us in finding opportunity in uncomfortable moments and deeper joy in the connecting moments. The idea is that, ‘life is a journey not a destination’ – and never is this more true than in parenting. Our children are growing so fast. Two becomes six, six becomes seven, fourteen and then twenty-one! Lets learn together to steep ourselves in the moments.

So what does it look like?
Small moments are the moments that are literally passing us by all day.

  • From waking in the morning
  • to bedtime in the evening there are dozens of small moments that pass us by.
  • At breakfast, in the car,
  • in how we speak to each other,
  • how we carry out each activity,
  • getting dressed,
  • eating together and clearing away.

Together these small moments make up...

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Parenting, the most powerful personal development opportunity

In our experience, when we focus our attention on our own inner world’s and draw awareness to who and how we are, we can start to shift what is not working and emphasis what is. Parenting provides the world’s best (and most testing) platform for this. 

Do your children ‘push your buttons’? Do you react differently to your children versus colleagues, friends or other family members? Well then universal design is working! Our children are here to grow us. Our homes provide the greatest opportunity and challenge for our own personal development. Yet we spend a lot of time trying to fix our children instead of taking an honest look at ourselves. Guess what! In many an instance we the parents are the tool that is needed to create the mend, the shift, the transformation. When we are able look at who it is that we are bringing to the relationship, shift happens!

This month we are in Cape Town, the Highway area and Durban. And we’re also running our first...

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