Is 'in the moment' the most ideal place to parent?

Do you find yourself parenting 'in the moment' most of the time? Any of these sound familiar?

  • separating bickering siblings with commentary
  • giving a lesson over poor manners at dinner
  • chastising the forgotten duties
  • lecturing on sharing as you break-up a quarrel
  • bemoaning the teacher’s comments on the report card

Have you ever considered how ineffective this seems to be? What happens when your emotion collides with theirs?

Dialogues that can grow the brain and connect hearts. 

We have created a truly effective practice for you to bring into your own homes. It allows for issues, concerns, areas of challenge to be dealt with both proactively or reflectively rather than in the heat of the moment. Let us explain this tool to you using the current school holidays, as bridge between term 3 and term 4, as an example. 

The reflective part of this practice is a conversation with our kids about the term just passed.

  • How was it for you?  This is how it...
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