Understanding builds Connection

  1. Have you ever asked your kids what they dream most about?
  2. What the scariest part of their day usually is?
  3. What they would change if they were in charge for a day?
  4. Have you explored with them what gives them the heebiegeebies, or when they feel brave?
  5. Do you know which famous person they would most like to meet or what the kindest thing was that someone did for them lately?

These kinds of questions can lead to connecting conversations. Connection. This is our gateway to peaceful, deeply impactful and empowered parenting. Through connection with our children we are able to literally calm and open up their brains and minds to learning and to being receptive. When our children feel connected to us flow is possible. Its really, really tough to totally ignore, resist or insult someone with whom you are in flow.

Simple not Easy
It’s funny though, the times we most need connection tend to be the times when it is hardest to forge it. Like when

  • we want their homework done, or
  • rooms...
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