The Day My Parenting Changed Forever

I, Colleen, knew that how I was parenting wasn’t working well and that I wasn’t being the parent that made me feel good inside. I knew something was off. However I didn’t know what the alternatives where.

I started diving a little more deeply into this confounding and challenging world and I saw that there was another way. There were parent specialists out there - who knew?! I started learning different ideas and techniques.

However the parent I always had been kept showing up. I could now see another way yet I could not manage to be another way. More stress. More guilt. More confusion. Until one day I was listening to Dr Laura Markham (a wonderful parent coach and author) and she was talking about how parenting is a RELATIONSHIP.

Now this may seem obvious to you, but it wasn’t to me. Yes there was a relationship. There were shared genes, blood and love - of course there was relationship. This, though, was not what was meant.

It deeply struck me...

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The Power of Proactive-Reflective Dialogues

We all know the hamster-wheel analogy - doing things like we’ve always done them, getting to the same place we’ve always gone and never a change in scenery. In the home this can mean dealing with the same issues in the same way over and over and getting the same result. Whether it is the siblings at each other’s jugulars year in and year out, or feeling wrung out as each kid grabs a limb and attempts to drag you in opposite directions in their own interest, or yet again pleading wth the family to feed the dog and make their beds and do their chores to mixed reactions - none of them favourable.

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to get your child to read more, eat less sugar, play nicely with the neighbours kid or just do their homework without a world war in your kitchen? Do you dream of a home where the members have more responsibility and accountability and you all contribute to more peace and joy? Do you want to shift things around but don’t know how to do...

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Sliding towards the end of the Year – 8 tips to make it work

As December looms very close I find life seems like it's moving at double speed. It's busy! The irony is that today's newsletter is a little longer than our usual but packs a great deal of value and offers opportunity for breathing space and presence. It is the Daily News article Colleen wrote that was published on 27 October 2015. Take a read below.

Exciting news is we've also set the dates for 2016 for our work in Durban and Highway. So if you, or someone you know has been wanting to experience our Signature course book here. We have sold out our last two courses and expect to do the same here. Don't miss out on the opportunity to empower you and your family.

Sliding towards the end of the Year – 8 tips to make it work
The slide towards the end of the year can feel more like the kumakazi ride at the waterpark, short, fast and a little hair raising. As parents and kids face this final term that is well endowed with year end fundraisers, shows, displays, meetings, concerts and...

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Is 'in the moment' the most ideal place to parent?

Do you find yourself parenting 'in the moment' most of the time? Any of these sound familiar?

  • separating bickering siblings with commentary
  • giving a lesson over poor manners at dinner
  • chastising the forgotten duties
  • lecturing on sharing as you break-up a quarrel
  • bemoaning the teacher’s comments on the report card

Have you ever considered how ineffective this seems to be? What happens when your emotion collides with theirs?

Dialogues that can grow the brain and connect hearts. 

We have created a truly effective practice for you to bring into your own homes. It allows for issues, concerns, areas of challenge to be dealt with both proactively or reflectively rather than in the heat of the moment. Let us explain this tool to you using the current school holidays, as bridge between term 3 and term 4, as an example. 

The reflective part of this practice is a conversation with our kids about the term just passed.

  • How was it for you?  This is how it...
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