What is your holiday goal?

 What is your holiday goal?
You are off the treadmill for a moment, you can take slower mornings and deeper breaths, and we invite you to do exactly that. We invite you to also consider using the less stressful 5-6 weeks ahead of you to choose a goal for the family for the holidays. There is time to rise above the homework-and-normal-responsibilities and consider using this space to grow our children more holistically.  

Goal Consideration
They may be overall goals for the family of;

  • greater connection,
  • consciously slowing down or
  • not running from one activity to the next,
  • de-teching for hours every day or days every week or
  • instituting specific special time alone with each child each day.

They may also be goals of skill and good habit such as;

  • chewing food more carefully and thoroughly and
  • brushing teeth for longer, or
  • making beds or
  • learning a new household activity like gardening or cooking. 

They may be goals of character like

  • instilling...
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The Power of Proactive-Reflective Dialogues

We all know the hamster-wheel analogy - doing things like we’ve always done them, getting to the same place we’ve always gone and never a change in scenery. In the home this can mean dealing with the same issues in the same way over and over and getting the same result. Whether it is the siblings at each other’s jugulars year in and year out, or feeling wrung out as each kid grabs a limb and attempts to drag you in opposite directions in their own interest, or yet again pleading wth the family to feed the dog and make their beds and do their chores to mixed reactions - none of them favourable.

Do you feel overwhelmed by trying to get your child to read more, eat less sugar, play nicely with the neighbours kid or just do their homework without a world war in your kitchen? Do you dream of a home where the members have more responsibility and accountability and you all contribute to more peace and joy? Do you want to shift things around but don’t know how to do...

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Silence. Do you have any?

Do you relish some silence in your busy home?

The truth is that our kids wish for that sometimes too. Do we ever consider how much we talk? Is it fairly continuous, albeit mostly with good intent. Just how much of that is necessary? Is it even useful? When we can learn to mind our words we can really use them more effectively. When we learn to use silence as a practice for letting our kids work stuff out for themselves, it becomes hugely powerful.

Open-hearted golden silence is a powerful presence.

Silence, when it is done in anger, is a form of violent communication. However silence that is held in a space that is loving, open & curious can be quite beautiful. Much of what we say, kids already know but we set them up to not listen by talking and repeating over and over again. When we start to limit our words, kids start to connect more with what we are saying as it is mindful and considered.

  • Say what you mean.
  • Mean what you say.
  • Commit to yourself to stop the cycle of...
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