"People who need to go on parenting courses, shouldn't have children"

"People who need to go on parenting courses, shouldn't have children" This was posted on our Facebook wall recently.  It sparked an interesting conversation.

 Clearly we are in the business of supporting parents to feel more skilled and empowered, yet we also feel like it is more than work for us; it is a calling. Let us explain; we, Candy & Colleen, strive continuously for our own betterment, growth &  empowerment in our lives and our calling is to pass any awareness we gain, on.  So the thinking behind this post was fascinating for us. 

What comes naturally?

  • We procreate as a natural process.
  • We parent as a natural process.  
  • We eat as a natural process.  
  • We breathe as a natural process.
  • We walk as a natural process.

Yet every single one of these things that we all do everyday have science that sits behind them.  

If we don’t know the science behind breathing, or eating does that mean...

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